2 in 1 tool, to cut and chamfer simultaneously in safety conditions.
Vacuum brazed diamond coated flange (V-Tech technology) with big diamond grit for efficient, regular and clean chamfering.
Blade with vacuum brazed segments (V-Tech technology) to offer an optimum safety, an outstanding cutting speed in metal pipes. Ideal tool for all professional of pipes cutting, plumber, heating and cooling professionals workers.


Pipes in iron, steel, copper, PVC.

  • Special tools
Welding type
Use recommendation
Item Code GroupØ (mm)Height/ThicknessSeg. QtyBore (mm)
VBA(FL)125U8A22600125(3,5+4,5) / 2,51022,23
VBA(FL)23U8A22600230(3,5+4,5) / 2,81622,23
LVBA(FL)30U8A20600300(3,5+4,5) / 3,02120 / 25,4
LVBA(FL)35U8A25600350(3,5+4,5) / 3,22420 / 25,4