A new generation of vacuum-brazing technology

Thanks to DiamEdge R&D recent advance in alloys and chemical fusion formulas, V-Tech offers highly improved performance compared to traditional electroplated tools and common vacuum-brazing technologies. V-Tech brings a significant revolution in terms of cutting speed, tool lifetime, dust evacuation and cutting precision.

V-Tech technology allows:
An extremely high diamond exposure (3/4 out of the bond), improving cutting efficiency.
Unique diamond holding capacity, retaining tightly diamond crystal, increasing tool working life


SCALPER Blade made with Predetermined Diamond Arrangement technology

PDA Technology positions, by an automatic process, each diamond inside a segment according to a predetermined pattern in three dimensions, whereas a conventional blade positions diamond randomly because of mixing process of diamond and metal powders.

PDA segment enables each diamond to be used sufficiently and properly throughout the cutting process to achieve a maximum blade life and cutting speed.
SCALPER is a real cost-saving tool for all professionals in Building and Genie Civil industries!


Comparing performance : 30-50% faster cutting speed and 30-80% longer life.